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Black Cyclone Subscription

Fast and dark

Marchall Walter Taylor or Major Taylor is the first dark world champion on the track. He became world champion in Montreal on the sprint discipline and was called the "Black Cyclone" in those days. We honour this great cycling champion with the darkest and tastiest espresso roast you ever had. These Sulawesian coffee beans really showed us the great roast potential of the Indonesian coffees and we proudly named it after another World Champion. Join us in honouring the "Black Cyclone"

Taste description:
Our Sulawesi arabica coffee is complex in taste, low in acidity and possesses spicy earthy body. Flavour of ripe exotic fruit, dark chocolate and cinnamon are found. Silky with a smooth finish.

€ 44,25

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Sulawesi (Indonesia)
Tana Toraja, Rantepao
Harvest method:
Wet hulling process
Bean variety:
Roast profile:
Medium espresso roast
Brew method:
Espressomachine, semi- and automatic
Coffee quantity:
500 grams
Delivery method:
Letterbox mail by Bike Messenger (NL)
Subscription duration:
3 months fixed amount of deliveries
1 per week = 12 deliveries
1 per 2 weeks = 6 deliveries
1 per 3 weeks = 4 deliveries
1 per 4 weeks = 3 deliveries
Delivery costs:
NL = No shipping costs
EU = 2.95 Euro

Delivery day:
Every Thursday