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Golden Greg

Olympic Champion of Rio

Greg Vanavermaet won the Olympic race in Rio with a majestic sprint to the finish. We honor this performance and all other wins afterwards with our "Golden Greg" espresso blend. Golden Greg offers several bean variaties carefully sourced with a big mark in the South Americas as the Olympic summer games were held in Brazil. This resulted in a nice flavoured espresso blend that is also very good with milk based coffee drinks.
Drinking this espresso coffee will let you remember that magnificent day and give a extra punch for all upcoming races Greg is participating.

Taste description:
We spend a huge amount of time in blending this coffee to perfection. With a base of Brazilian beans and the necessary chocolate flavour, we added some Costa Rica beans for some tropical flavour and some Colombian beans for a hinge of citrus. Last but not least a small part of robusta beans to give that final kick in the cup you like. A unique blend that is surprisingly fresh and medium complex with a full intense body.  


Brasil/Costa Rica/Colombia
Roast profile:
Espresso roast
Brew method:
Espressomachine, semi- and automatic
Coffee quantity:
1 kilogram
Delivery method:
Delivery costs:
NL = 6,95 Euro
EU = 9,50 Euro
Order process time:
Within 2 working days

€ 13,95 *

* starting price per delivery