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Magistrale Coffee Distributor
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Magistrale Coffee Distributor

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This striking Magistrale Coffee Distributor is a perfect accessory for your espresso machine. Leveling your fresh grinded coffee creates an even pressure in the portafilter. Especially if you are addicted to double espresso's or flatwhites, the leveling tool must be your favorite barista tool. You can adjust it to the amount of coffee you like to use so consistency will become your middle name. Beautifully branded with the Magistrale logo on top, the 58mm distributor fits with all modern portafilters. 

How to use the Magistrale Coffee Distributor:
1. Fill the portafilter basket to the top with your favorite coffee
2. Add the distributor on the coffee
3. Lightly turn the distributor a few times
4. Remove the distributor and check the portafilter
5. When needed use your tamper for a slight push of the coffee puck
6. Never tap against the sidewall of the portafilter to release grounds
7. Wipe out all rest ground laying on top of the portafilter with your fingers
8. Insert the portafilter into the brew head and start brewing!


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Il Magistrale
Black, steel
One distributor
58 mm
550 gr
Stainless steel