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Magistrale French Press

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This amazing French Press has been designed by Sjostrand Coffe Concepts from Sweden. We love the design and especially the robust look and feel. When to use this striking fellow? Early morning when just one espresso will not scare away the sleep demons. This French Press has a volume of 800ml so you can keep pouring fresh hot filter coffee from it. 

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How to use the Magistrale French Press the way it should be used:
Mind yourself that this method of preparing coffee is not the most fast method. So take your time to brew the best cup you will ever have.
1. Ratio = 60 grams of coffee per liter water. This French Press has a volume of 800ml but we recommend not to fill it till the top. So use 30 grams of coffee for 500ml.
2. Boil fresh soft water. If your water from the tap is too hard use water from bottles. Leave the water resting till the temperature drops back to 93 degrees Celsius.
3. Use medium grinded coffee. Not too course but also not too fine.
4. Add the coffee to the French Press and add 500ml of water.
5. Now wait for 4 minutes and let the coffee bloom with the water.
6. Stir the coffee on top of the French Press and remove foam and particles from the top using two spoons.
7. Let the coffee rest for 5-10 minutes. Do it! It will make the coffee 10x better.
8. Push the plunger in the French Press but stop when you reach the surface of the coffee and go a little bit deeper. If you go too deep you will stir the coffee particles on the bottom and get them into your cup.
9. Start pouring and enjoy your perfect French Press coffee.


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Sjostrand Coffee Concept
One French Press
105 mm

200 mm
550 gr
Stainless steel