Rocket Espresso

Tour de France Win Action

Win our "Le Grimpeur" edition Rocket Espresso machine

Together with the guys and gals of the myCols app we have created a great action to put you to work and start earning your coffee.

How are your climbing legs?

This year's Tour de France is a real climbers race with 70 climbs and a total of 400 climbing kilometers! To support the legs a bit during these three weeks we are going to honor the true climbers in the peloton and among you with a great prize.

We challenge you during this Tour de France to hit the road, use your climber's legs and seek out the hills and climbs in Europe. You need to collect 2500 points within 3 weeks with the myCols app (free download). If you complete this challenge, you will be competing to win our Rocket Espresso Appartamento "Le Grimpeur" machine for in your kitchen.

To support your legs during the challenge we made a special coffee: Le Grimpeur. Le Grimpeur is our ode to the hard grinders, super lightweights of the peloton who steal our hearts during the coming three weeks. We are looking forward when the climbs reach dizzying heights and incredibly steep slopes. 

Rules to win the Rocket Espresso machine:

  1. Download the myCols app
  2. Ride at least 2500 points for the Magistrale jersey
  3. Buy our "Le Grimpeur" coffee for extra leg power before the riders are in Paris

We will select the winner of the Rocket Espresso machine on Monday the 31th of July. Happy Climbing!