Magistrale Tamper

Magistrale Tamper
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Magistrale Tamper

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This striking Magistrale Alu and Stainless Steel Tamper is a perfect accessory for your espresso machine. Beautifully branded with the Magistrale logo on top, it has a steel base and aluminum shaft. Designed for multiple use and lifetime endurance. The intersection of 58mm fits all normal portafilters and the 9cm height fits the wrist perfectly. We used some extra weight in the shaft (410gr) so less power is needed to tamp your coffee.

How to use the Magistrale Espresso Tamper:
1. Fill the portafilter basket to the top with your favorite coffee
2. Gently even the grounds over the portafilter with your fingers
3. Lightly press the tamper into the grounds and find a good center point
4. Evenly apply approx. 25 kg of pressure to the grounds pushing the center base of the tamper
5. The top of the center base should even the top of the portafilter
6. Never tap against the sidewall of the portafilter to release grounds
7. Wipe out all rest ground laying on top of the portafilter with your fingers
8. Insert the portafilter into the brew head and start brewing!


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Il Magistrale
Black, steel
One tamper
58 mm
9.5 cm
410 gr
Aluminum Shaft
Stainless steel