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Seasonal Giro Bundle
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Seasonal Giro Bundle

Pink is the new yellow.

Every other month we create a special coffee bundle with three coffee beans that are in-season and just arrived to the roastery. We connect these coffees to the cycling calendar and add a nice discount of 15%. This gift-ready bundle makes the perfect gift for someone or just to treat yourself. 

€ 45,50
  • Limited Giro bundle
  • 15% discount till the end of the Giro
  • Available in 500GR and 1KG bags
  • Free shipping on all orders above 3KG

The Giro Seasonal Bundle

Let us teach you how you drink your coffee during this Giro d'Italia.

We start the morning with a truly creamy cappuccino and a brioche on the side to drown this pastry in the velvet milk. We use our Kickstarter (what is in a name) coffee beans to reproduce these perfect cappuccini on daily base. The beans are strong but not bitter and perfectly roasted for milk coffees as you have a great balance of coffee and milk flavor in the cup. 

Next it is time to awake the demons in your brain with our Ghisallo coffee. The patron saint of cyclists keeps her eyes on our safety but also keeps us awake during daylight. These beans kick in like the best Italian espresso drank in a Napolitalian bar. Strong, robust with a great velvet crema on top. This is the kind of espresso where you can add sugar on top but it will stay on top of the crema before it opens up and swallows the sugar into the deep dark coffee. 

Finally our world famous Cima Coppi coffee. One of our maiden roasts and all-time favorite. We use this blend in our café as it is sweet, soft and can be drank by the gallon. Never dull and always the right punch due to the use of Ethiopian beans. This coffee will keep you caffeinated into the warm night before indulging yourself into the nightlife of Roma. 

We hope you will enjoy these coffees during the Giro and we added an additional benefit of a 15% discount on the bundle. We are still Dutchies right.


Our Giro bundle contains:




Available in 500gr and 1KG bags!