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Racing Wasps Capsules Subscription
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Racing Wasps Capsules Subscription

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Annoyingly good
The answer to the question of a reporter to Richie Porte about the level of the Jumbo Visma riders. He felt like being attacked by brutal bunch of killer wasps. We like to name our cycling hero's as Racing Wasps but Richie is right offcourse. The level of the Dutch equipe is at the level they can compete for many top podium places.

We developed this coffee from scratch especially for/with the riders of the team to provide them with the best tasting pre-race caffeine shot. We think it has become one of our best coffees till date and we notice that other teams like to try it also... 

Source Information 
It is the first time we use coffee beans from the Huabál district in Peru. This area is reknowned of the many cup of excellence coffees coming from here and you will taste that immediately. These beans are responsible for the high chocolate flavor in this coffee.

Suke Quto is a producers association in the Guji zone in the Oromia region in Sidamo. The washing station and mill is established in 2005 with the vision to work with sustainable and environment-friendly coffee farming practices. The coffee trees grow in the shade of the natural forest canopy what is a sustainable way to produce coffee since it is allowed to grow naturally alongside other plants that keep the soil and wildlife diverse and healthy. 

Taste Description
The Racing Wasps coffee beans are light/medium roasted and give a tough milk chocolate flavour with fresh hints of sweet apples and hints of roasted almonds. The aroma of the coffee is light powerful and offers you a nice full body. The coffee has a nice sweetness to it and the finishing flavour keeps lingering in your mouth as chocolate does.  

Best Brew Recipe
Nespresso seems the most simple brew method of coffee but you will enjoy your coffee more following the next steps:
1. Flush your Nespresso* machine without the cup inside
2. Pre-heat the espresso coffee cup you want to drink from
3. Add our coffee capsule into the machine (as our capsules are a bit harder than plastic or aluminum capsules you sometimes need to help the capsule a little bit) and start the espresso brew
4. Enjoy your espresso!

Once you start using these amazing cups you will drink them 24/7!





Capsule intensity
     2 out of 5

Flavour Notes
     Chocolate & Caramel: 70%
     Nuts & Spices: 5%
     Fruit & Berries: 

Origin & Varieties

     Ethiopia/ Peru
     Suke Quto/Huabal
     Ethiopian Heirloom/Various
     Fully washed, wet fermented
     Direct Trade
     SCA Grading: