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The Mooiboy Pack
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The Mooiboy Pack

A Gift only for soigneurs

Everyone has someone in their group who always adheres to the soigneur rules in cycling, and also addresses other riders when they don´t follow these rules. Do you have someone like this in your group? Then this is the perfect gift for them.

Some Soigneur rules are:

- Bike is always clean
- No saddle-bag
- Care for your bike like it´s your girlfriend
- No big bottles on your bike
- Shorts are only allowed at 18+ degrees
- Ankle socks are not allowed
- Matching helmet and shoes
- Legs are always shaved
- Only drink espresso

€ 15,00

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The Mooiboy Pack:
250gr Mooiboy coffeebeans
Espresso cup + saucer