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Regularity is key for you, cycling animals and Il Magistrale takes responsibility for your fresh coffee management.

The specific flavours in coffee are at their best 3 to 6 weeks after roasting the beans and when stored in an oxygen free environment. Saying that, Il Magistrale has a headstart on the massive roasting companies as we roast on demand and pack your fresh roasted beans directly.

Our coffee subscription is fixed for 3 months and is always free of shipping costs. After 3 months you can decide how to proceed. You can choose one of our excellent coffees (you can change coffees as often as you want along the subscription period), than you check how many coffees you drink on average (500 grams = approx. 50 espresso's) and select a delivery frequency. We roast our beans and ship them to you on a Thursday. Our coffee envelopes fit perfectly every mailbox so instead of waiting for the mail man you can take your bike and ride out.

So relax, your next Magistrale coffee delivery is on its way.

Welcome to the club!