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Canyon Backyard Brew
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Canyon Backyard Brew

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Canyon Backyard Brew
We love adventures at our office and embrace every moment we can go outside. If it is a new event at an unknown location with new people or just a ride with friends nearby we know that some of the most beautiful treasures lie in your backyard that you often forget knowing they exist. You will always encounter that one trail you don't know yet or being surprised by the beauty of nature after some heavy rainfall.

That is why we hooked up with the guys and gals of Canyon as they know perfectly what these rides are all about. Inspire to ride, whether you ride a road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike, with fat tyres, thin tyres, studs or without, it doesn't matter. Canyon is also convinced that a delicious cup of fresh coffee is indispensable during your adventurous ride. Whether you make that coffee on a burner with a filter above your enamel mug or enjoy an oat cappuccino on the terrace with friends, the way you drink your coffee is not important. The important thing is that it just tastes good!

If you are the adventurous type and a serious espresso drinker we roasted this coffee especially for you.

Favorite coffee of: Team Canyon//SRAM

Taste Description
The Backyard Brew is a serious espresso roast with clear flavors of sweet chocolate, almonds mixed with caramel and some hints of toasted bread loafs. The aroma of the coffee is powerful and offers you a delicious full body. The coffee has a thick golden brown crema, a medium bitterness and gives a velvet mouth feel.

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From 20 June 2023, Canyon Backyard Brew will be available exclusively on this webshop. As an added bonus, there is a unique discount code on each bag of coffee that gives you a 5% discount on a new Canyon. This special offer is valid until 12 September 2023.

This voucher code is valid online between 12 June 2023, 00:01 CET, and 12 September 2023, 23:59 CET, for deliveries to addresses in Belgium and the Netherlands. The code applies a 5% discount to non-motorised bikes and framesets. It cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other discount code, excludes Factory Outlet items and products that are already reduced. The code cannot be applied retroactively and applies only to products available at the time of purchase. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Resale is prohibited. The code can only be used once. Canyon reserve the right to terminate or change the terms of this promotion at any time.


Flavour Notes
     Chocolate & Caramel: 60%
     Nuts & Spices: 40%
     Fruit & Berries:

Origin & Varieties
     Brasil, Guatemala, Indonesia


Barista info (Double shot)
     Dose (IN): 
17 grams
     Extraction Time: 
32 sec
     Shot Weight (OUT): 
40 grams

Best Brew Method
     Semi Automatic: 
Automatic Espresso: 
     French Press: 
     Pour Over (filter):