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We like to do something special during the least favorite cycling months in the winter and this year we collaborated with the world famous snowboard brand Bataleon from The Netherlands. We named the coffee Freerider as you can find freeriders on the snow as on the bike. Freeriders like the flow of the terrain and can adapt quickly to new circumstances while enjoying the ride. We found a coffee that perfectly adapts with this flow and is smooth till the last drop. 

Let's find some pow and enjoy the ride!

Taste Description
Our Freerider coffee is a single origin coffee from Brazil. The coffee is natural processed what means that the coffee beans have been dried inside of the coffee berry. The beans receive flavor from the fruit pulp and sugars as part of their development. Concerning the Freerider coffee we roasted the beans medium dark to keep the flavor notes of the natural processed coffee. Next to the significant chocolate and nutty (hazel) taste of brazilian coffee you will find notes of deep fruit (rasp berries) and a complex sweetness.  
The aroma of the coffee is sweet and has a creamy even silky mouthfeel. It finishes gently on a sweet note. 




Flavour Notes
     Chocolate & Caramel: 50%
     Nuts & Spices: 30%
     Fruit & Berries:

Origin & Varieties

     Minas Gerais

     Direct Trade, SCA 84

Barista info (Double shot)
     Dose (IN): 
17.5 grams
     Extraction Time:
32 sec
     Shot Weight (OUT):
40 grams

Brew Method Score
Semi Automatic: 8.5
     Automatic Espresso: 8.5  
Aeropress: 8
     French Press: 
     Chemex: 8
     Pour Over (filter)
 Mokapot: 8