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Bom van Balen
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Bom van Balen

The Flandrien of all coffees

The "Bom van Balen" is the nickname for the amazing procyclist Tom Boonen. We found this Colombian coffee that honours his palmares. The "Bom van Balen" coffee has character, passion and explodes in your mouth. This coffee is dual-speed roasted (dual exit temperature blend) to provide the perfect balance in taste and espresso bite. Use it for milk coffee drinks and you will be blown away by the perfect balance between the taste of this coffee and milk.

Taste description:
The Colombian beans for "Bom van Balen" provide the base for the best tasting cappuccino you ever had. A perfect balance between an almond and citrus taste and a rich chocolate mouthfeel. Nutty flavours in a full body with a rich aftertaste.

€ 15,25

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Ciudad Bolivar
El Danubio
Harvest method:
Wet process
Bean variety:
Colombia Supremo
Roast profile:
Espresso roast
Brew method:
Espressomachine, semi- and automatic