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Der Panzerwagen
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Der Panzerwagen

Dark, strong and intens

This coffee is roasted for all those who have ever suffered the severe pain during a individual time trail road race. It is about riding 100% of your capacity with your lungs gasping for air and you feel so shattered you think you will be sick. Before starting such a terrible undertaking you need to be prepped with all the knowledge there is about the circuit, the weather and the competition. We cannot do that for you unfortunately. What we can do is give you such a powerful caffeine shot that you body and mind will swith automaticaly into the "kill mode". Drinking "Der Panzerwagen" gives you the feeling you are a vicious tank that will split air and anything that might block your way. You may thank us later when achieving another PR time.

Taste description:
Our Sulawesi arabica coffee is complex in taste, low in acidity and possesses spicy earthy body. Flavour of ripe exotic fruit, dark chocolate and cinnamon are found. Tough but with a silky smooth finish.

€ 14,75

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Taste profile:
Strong taste, intense dark and delicate
Aroma flavours:
Dark Chocolate, ripe exotic fruit and smokey cinnamon

Sulawesi (Indonesia)
Tana Toraja, Rantepao
Harvest method:
Wet hulling process
Bean variety:
TimTim, 100% Arabica
Roast profile:
Espresso roast
Brew method:
Espressomachine (semi- and automatic), Mokapot
Coffee quantity:
1 Kilogram/500 grams
Delivery method:
Parcel/letterbox mail