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Mazzer Mini Electronic A
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Mazzer Mini Electronic A

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Looking for a good mill with the gravel on demand principle? The professional Mazzer Mini Electronic A is definitely a grinder you will need. The Mazzer Mini Electronic A is equipped with a heavy-duty cast aluminum housing in the color black. The beautiful dosing tube is made of shiny metal. On the top of the dosing tube you will find a display with a number of buttons. You can program the buttons for the amount of coffee for 1 and 2 cups of coffee. It is also possible to grind manually.


The Mazzer Mini Electronic A is equipped with a stepless setting. This allows you to get any desired grinding degree. That way you always get the best out of your coffee and machine. The professional grinding discs of 64 mm and the powerful motor of 250 W ensure a very constant grinding.

The machine is often used by professionals to make their special coffees because it is possible to set the grinding wheel very precisely. The perfect grinder for home barista!


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Grinding blades:
Flat - 64 mm

Adjustable dosage:
From 4-19 grams of coffee


Bean Capacity:
600 grams

250 Watt



470 mm

168 mm

340 mm

10,2 KG