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Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto Dual
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Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto Dual

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Features and Functionality:
The R 58 Dual Boiler machine offers you double boiler functionality and dual PID temperature control—all in a plumbable, classically styled chrome and stainless-steel housing. Features include a steel chassis complete with nylon rails for a seamless drip tray fit, an upgraded magnetic drip tray closure, adjustable-height feet and an updated control board for optimized steaming and brewing.

Dual Boiler: Working independently for both brewing and steaming, the dual boiler along with thermo siphon system design allows for stability in the espresso boiler and increased levels of steam pressure and hot water from the service boiler. The brewing boiler holds 0.58 liters while the hot water/steam boiler holds 1.8 liters.
Dual PID Temperature Control: Program steam and brew boilers with an electronic remote-control PID that plugs into the side of the machine and does not interfere with the R58's classic styling.
Commercial Rotary Pump: Quieter than most other rotary pumps, the R58's pump gives you the ability to adjust the pump pressure with the external pressure adjustment controls while monitoring through the pressure gauges.
Pre-Infusion: To extract the full flavor and aroma when you brew your espresso, the R58 has a dual pre-infusion system encompassing a working piston and static pre-infusion chamber.
Plumb It!: Standard with a 2.5 liter water reservoir, a control switch allows you to plumb the R58 right into your kitchen's water line.
Upgraded and Additional Steam Tip: The steam tip now features a 1.2mm diameter hole, and you get a replacement tip for down the road!

Dual Boiler - Made of lead-free copper, these boilers guarantee consistent heat retention and faster brewing and steaming turn around time. You'll be able to make more drinks in a quicker amount of time.
Electronic Controls - No need to crack into the brain of this machine, the double PID maintains both boiler temperatures and can be programmed with an electronic remote control box on the side of the machine.
Rotary Pump - To create ideal pressure, this quiet rotary pump has an external pressure adjustment control so you can adjust the pump pressure with the use of the visible pressure gauge.
Stronger Chassis - The upgraded chassis ensures your R58 arrives in pristine condition!

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R Cinquantotto Dual
Rocket Espresso Milano
310 mm
440 mm
385 mm
29.0 kg
1.400 W
PID Pressure Control:
Case Material:
Stainless steel
Boiler Design:
Double boiler
Boiler Material:
Total Boiler Capacity:
2.38 liter (1.8l steam + 0.58l group)
Water feed:
Reservoir of 2.5 liter or hard plumbing
Cup Warmer:
Portafilter size:
58 mm
Warm Up Time:
20 min
Life Expectancy:
15 Years