Magistrale 500


Magistrale 500

We are huge fan of Rapha's Festive500 ever since they organized it in 2010. It is plain simple, just ride 500km's in 8 days between X-mas eve and New Years day. The period is great for eating with family and riding with friends, no excuses about work or time, just ride that turkey out of your legs!

We think we can make your 500km's partial easier so we provide you with five really nice loops of 100km's in coop with some of the best (THE BEST!) cycling cafes in The Netherlands and Belgium. Below you can find where to start, the GPX file and what day we will ride that specific loop with our Magistrale friends.

You will receive a coffee at every cafe of the 8 days when you show the downloaded GPX file before starting your loop.

Now stop reading and go: EARN YOUR COFFEE