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Spartacus Ristretto
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Spartacus Ristretto

€ 3,95

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SPARTACUS was one of the greatest classic riders for years. He got this nickname because he rode like a warrior on the Belgium/French cobblestones. The power he put on the pedals was mindblowing and gave him many victories also on time trails. These capsules are specially roasted for him as you will notice when drinking the coffee. Great taste with an enormous powerful after taste. You think you tasted them all? Try this one and you know you will never look back.

Taste Description
These Spartacus ristretto capsules contain a full bodied and ristretto roast of 100% organic beans from Ethiopia, Honduras and Peru with a nice aroma of chocolate, honey and caramel. The Honduras beans give this ristretto roast a very powerful taste that provides a boost of energy when you need it.

You think you have tasted them all? Try this one and you know you will never look back.

Best Brew Recipe
Nespresso seems the most simple brew method of coffee but you will enjoy your coffee more following the next steps:
1. Flush your Nespresso* machine twice without the cup inside
2. Pre-heat the espresso cup you want to drink from
3. Add our Spartacus capsule into the machine (as our capsules are a bit softer than other capsules you sometimes need to help the capsule a little bit) and start the brew
4. Enjoy your brew!




Flavour Notes
     Chocolate & Caramel: 
     Nuts & Spices: 
     Fruit & Berries:

Origin & Varieties
   Heirloom Cultivar
     Caturra/ Typica
     Natural/ Wet process

     100% Organic/Fairtrade