Bring on the points

Magistrale beanifications

The Magistrale beanifications program is our point classification to reward your effort in buying our coffee beans.

How it works:

Every single coffee on the website has a value in beanifications. You can find the amount of beanification points below the price of the product. You will receive these beanification points every time you pass the finish line (product payment) on the webshop. When you log in the Magistrale website you can check the amount of beanification points you have saved on your personal account.

You will earn a beanification point with every euro you spend in our shop, every point is worth 5 cents. When you are in the last page of the payment process you will be able to hand in your points and get a discount. You are able to hand in as much points as you want and whenever you want. There is no limit on the amount of beanifications you want to hand in, beanifications can not be redeemed for cash.

When you gathered enough points you can exchange it during the payment of a new order:

  • Log into your account and check the amount of beanifications you have
  • Add your order
  • Go to the check-out
  • Select how many beanifications you want to hand in
  • Pay your order
  • Enjoy your coffee

We will have action periods in which you will have the possebility to earn extra beanification points, so follow Il Magistrale on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and be the first to know when we have beanification actions!

From now on it all depends on you. BE MAGISTRALE