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Coffee Subscription
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Coffee Subscription

€ 27,50

Do you have a favorite coffee you keep on reordering? With this coffee subscription we will handle your fresh coffee management with reduced shipping costs. 

You choose your favorite Magistrale coffee and let us ship your coffee on a 4 weeks base
You select which coffee and the volume you like to receive every month

We roast our coffee every week and let it rest for a few days before we ship it to you
We ship your subscription every 4 weeks on the day you like to receive it

You can update your subscription when you like to try another coffee or volume
You can always pause your subscription when you are off for that bike packing holiday

We ask you a one-time payment to verify your bank-account with your Magistrale account

We're all about flexibility
You choose, you control and we will deliver your freshly roasted beans on your doorstep while you are out for a ride
All recurring payments will be handled automatically after shipping

Are you satisfied about our product and service? Good! We will send a fresh shipment and you will receive an e-mail when our first recurring payment will take place. There is no fixed period commitment but we know you will love the service and the fresh product! To make things even better: a subscription is always with reduced shipping costs.






Coffee quantity:
1x 1KG
2x 500gr
2x 1KG
4x 500gr
3x 1KG
6x 500gr
Delivery method:
Mail package

Recurring subscription costs:
Depending on Volume
Shipping costs:
Reduced Shipping Costs EU
Shipping Frequency:
Every 4 weeks
Shipping Day:
Changeable in Account