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Coffee Subscription

Magistrale Coffee Club
Do you have a favorite coffee you keep on reordering? From now on, Il Magistrale will handle your fresh coffee management. 

How it works
1. Select your favorite coffee or let us choose at random
2. Select how often you wish to receive your coffee (once a week up to once a month) 
3. Add the subscription to your shopping basket and make your (one-time) payment

From now on, you'll receive your coffee in your mailbox at the frequency of your choice. All recurring payments will be handled automatically per shipping.

Do you wish to make any changes to your subscription, such as changing to your new favorite coffee or pausing your subscription while you are off for some bike packing? No worries! Just log-in to your account and you can make any adjustments you wish. Including canceling your subscription, but we would hate to see you go.  

We're all about flexibility
You are in control of your delivery schedule, including pausing your subscription at any moment. You choose, you control and we will deliver your freshly roasted beans into your mailbox while you are out for a ride. 

To make things even better: a subscription is without any shipping costs.


We'll start with the subscriptions in the Netherlands, but more countries will follow soon!




€ 5,00


Coffee quantity:
650 grams
Delivery method:
Special Mailbox Coffee Envelope

Delivery costs:
No shipping costs
Shipping Day:

The Netherlands only