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Prepaid - Explore More Subscription
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Prepaid - Explore More Subscription

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Explore More - Subscription
This subscription has all the coffees you are ready for after trying some blends and easy-going coffees. You like to experiment a bit more in the coffee world without being scared away. We selected coffees that are fine and subtle that train your taste buds. You know how to adjust your grinder to find these flavors by tasting them. Expect lighter chocolate flavors with sweet fruit, these coffee beans are medium roasted to perfection.

Prepaid Subscription
We ship every 4 weeks 2x 500gr to the address of our choice. We start with our Racing Wasps, El Tractor and Der Panzerwagen. If you select 6 months of delivery we start all over again and you will receive every coffee twice.

Gift Wrap
Just let us know if this subscription is a gift. We will send you the first box with coffee nicely wrapped in gift paper. The second delivery goes directly to the lucky one!





The Explore More Subscription contains:

2x 500gr EL TRACTOR

Every 4 weeks for 3 months to 6 months