Magistrale Big Thirst Subscription

Magistrale Big Thirst Subscription
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Magistrale Big Thirst Subscription

€ 54,00

Why our subscription is always the best choice!

- Complete peace of mind regarding your coffee supply that we keep stocked for you.
- Always 20% discount compared to our one-off web orders plus an extra 5% beanification points extra for orders outside your subscription.
- The subscription is flexible to your own consumption. Easy to pause, adjust or stop from your account.
- Over 500 subscribers have already chosen to receive freshly roasted Magistrale coffee weekly at the best price at home or in the office!

Discover the popular Magistrale Big Thirst subscription

With the Magistrale Big Thirst subscription, you experience a different Magistrale coffee every month with your own favorite coffee. This is a subscription for the heavy shotters and big mug emptiers. Next to 1KG of your favorite coffee we take you on a journey with changing coffees from our Magistrale Chioice subscription that matches the season in terms of flavour as well as the annual cycling calendar. Get those gallons ready!



We shuffle between the following coffees in 2024:

JAN: Racing Wasps
FEB: Der Panzerwagen
MRT: El Tractor
APR: Leeuw van Vlaanderen
MAY: Cima Coppi
JUN: Café de Colombia
JUL: Racing Wasps
AUG: Black Cyclone
SEP: Gravel Grinder
OKT: Kickstarter
NOV: El Tractor
DEC: Black Cyclone

You just need to add an extra bag of your favorite coffee.