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The Modder of all Cyclists
If you like mud, boots and beers - cyclocross is the sport to watch. This niche in the cycling sport is world famous in Belgium and The Netherlands and is the cradle of many multitalented cyclists throughout the years. Sven Nys was the crowned king in this sport on the male side and the Dutch females (Marianne etc) master their side of the sport. Today we see MvdP and WvA dominating the mens podiums in almost every discipline so the cross as base is boss. Famous race on the Superprestige agenda is the Zonhoven race in Belgium where the riders drop into a mega sandy downhill. 

Our Superprestige coffee is one to love and you will notice that this coffee tastes even better during the cyclocross season while warming your hands on a wet, snowy Sunday morning in the middle of nowhere with 20-thousand other mud fetishists. 

Favorite coffee of: Pim Ronhaar

Source Information 
Finca Los Naranjales is situated high in the mountains (1.750 asl) deep into the Huehuetenango area. Farmer Francisco Morales got his passion for coffee growing from his grandfather, who planted 100 coffee trees when he was just 14 years old. Francisco himself started his own farm with 9000 seedlings he grew in a nursery in 1977. The biggest secret about this coffee is the process after picking the coffee cherries. The excellent taste of these coffee beans origine from a fermentation process of 32 hours. Francisco watches the process like a hawk to create a perfect chocolate taste to the beans.

Taste Description
The Superprestige coffee beans are light/medium roasted for espresso and give an intense chocolate flavour with clear hints of sweet oranges. Experienced coffee tasters can find some vanilla in there too. The aroma of the coffee is not very powerful and offers you a nice full body. The coffee is super balanced and extremely sweet. 

We highly recommend this coffee!



Flavour Notes
     Chocolate & Caramel: 50%
     Nuts & Spices: 10%
     Fruit & Berries: 

Origin & Varieties
     Finca los Naranjales 
     Dry fermented, fully washed
     Direct trade
     SCA Grading:

Barista info (Double shot)
     Dose (IN): 
21 grams
     Extraction Time: 
32 sec
     Shot Weight (OUT): 
44 grams

Brew Method Score
     Semi Automatic: 8.5
     Automatic Espresso:  
     French Press: 
     Chemex: 9.5
     Pour Over (filter):