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Live Slow - Ride Fast

The tale of Live Slow - Ride Fast is a simply one of slowing down, looking around and live in the moment. Enjoying the small things that are done really well. Care less about stuff or distractions and experience less stress. Save all your energy for the bike so you can leave it all on the road.

This Gravel Grinder especially made for Laurens ten Dam and is a coffee for those that enjoy the adventure, and get a real pleasure from leaving the security of the around-the-corner coffees in your local supermarket. The Gravel Grinder can be made on any type of coffee weapon, whether it be a Rocket Espresso machine or a Cafflano pourover coffee maker. We carefully sourced three coffees with a ORGANIC BIO certificate and blended them into this marvellous coffee.

Taste description

The Gravel Grinder blend is a full bodied and great smelling espresso roast with a nice aroma of nuts and pure chocolate. The aftertaste has a hint of fruit you can aspect from some Ethiopian beans and is low on its acidity. This is a great coffee to combine with whole milk or as an espresso after dinner.

Do you like Gravel Grinding, drinking coffee and just live slow with other guys and gals.
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Convención/SumatraDolokSanggul /Sidamo
COCLA/Co-op/Sidamo CF Coop Union
Harvest method:
Wet process and sundried /semi washed /wet process
Bean variety:
Typica/Atend/Heirloom Ethiopia Cultivar
100% Organic/Fairtrade (Peru)
Roast profile:
Light-dark Espresso roast
Brew method:

Espressomachine, semi automatic is best
Coffee quantity:
500 grams/ 1KG

Delivery method:
Letterbox mail/ Package
Delivery costs:
NL = 6,95 Euro
EU = 9,5 Euro
Order process time:
Within 3 working days


€ 15,95 *

* starting price per delivery