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It is all about Coffee and Cycling

Aeropress GO

The best device to brew a coffee on the road!



      30 grams of our Der Panzerwagen coffee
      220ml water 92° C
      2 Aeropress filters!


  1. Set up your Aeropress for the inverted method
  2. Heat up all your equipment and make sure your filters are wet
  3. Grind the coffee coarsely
  4. Put the coffee in the Aeropress
  5. Pour 100ml water on the Coffee
  6. Stir 20 times firmly
  7. Put the filter on top and push the Aeropress down untill all the air is released
  8. Put your Aeropress on your coffee cup
  9. Push down untill all the your coffee is released in the cup
  10. Pour 120ml water in on your coffee
  11. Enjoy your coffee!