Magistrale Coffeebar

Our gravel clubhouse

Welcome to the Magistrale coffeebar

We opened our Magistrale coffeebar on Sunday the 8th of October 2023 on the same day as the UCI Gravel Worlds in Veneto. We welcomed a bunch of riders from the international gravel community in our new coffee bar that served as feed zone for the riders.

Our Magistrale coffeebar is situated in an old school in the center of Heeze just below Eindhoven and next to the gravel walhalla area of the Strabrechtse Heide. Our office has already been here for 2.5 years but the local government joined our plans for a cool coffee bar concept connected to cycling.

Key focus is our coffee served from a beautiful Kees van der Westen Mirage 2-group espresso machine. Next to that we serve fresh "vlaai" from the Bisschopsmolen bakery in Maastricht and we have pastries from a local legend. Next to the coffee we serve some awesome teas and lemonades from Fritz Kola from Hamburg.

Our opening hours are Thursday till Saturday from 08:30-17:00. Not on Sunday I hear you think?! We are open on Sundays when we have events and at minimun 2 Sundays per month. Just keep an eye on our Insta channel. If you are looking for a great day on the bike in the most beautiful gravel area of The Netherlands you need to start your tour at our location with free parking.

Check out our Hairpin Bender coffee that we roasted especially for our clubhouse!