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Before our coffee reaches it final destination, your customers cup, it has passed several stations that have a big influence in the quality of the coffee.

1. Sourcing the best beans

2. Roasting the beans to reveal their best flavour and taste

3. Fast shipping to the end-customer or retailer (cycling cafe, workshop and business) after roasting

These first three steps are fully controlled by our business protocols but the final step will make or break the first three steps:

4. Brewing the coffee

Every retailer has a different approach in serving coffee to their customer and we are here to help you with the best sollution. During the years we have developed the experience to fully cover your needs with the best coffee proposal as the best coffee machine proposal. The former is our bread and butter, the latter will be managed by ourselves or via our partners.

We do not stop here. There is a fifth step:

5. Serving the coffee

In order to serve the best brewed coffee you will need the best possible Italian porcelain to keep the coffee warm and recognisable. Next to that there are still people loving sugar in their drinks or even a splash of diary milk. We are here to help and give your customer the best experience you like them to have. Do not ask us for tea please, we drink mainly tea when we are not feeling well.

Next to this we love to add some promotion of our brand into your business. 

If you like to become one of our partners, you can contact us here.