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Cima Coppi Subscription

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King of the Mountain
The Cima Coppi is the highest point that the riders must climb in the Giro d'Italia. The Passo dello Stelvio has been the "Cima Coppi" of the Giro d'Italia for many years but other monumental peaks have received that honour. An heroic name for an heroic coffee we can say, as this is one of our best tasting coffees and the level of flavour reached in this roast is hardly to surpass. Open the bag, close your eyes, stick your nose in and you will smell the greatness of high altitude grown coffee beans. You might even hear the yelling tifosi while drinking your espresso (what else?!) brewed from this beans.

We highly recommend this coffee to you and it has been a favorite in many cycling cafes.

Favorite coffee of: Niki Terpstra

Taste Description
Our Cima Coppi is a normal espresso roast with clear flavours of milk chocolate, caramel and blue berries and a hint of jasmine. The aroma of the coffee is very powerful and offers you a full body. The coffee has a medium bitterness and the finishing flavour stays clearly in your mouth as a good espresso should do. 

This is the best pre-ride coffee you can choose.




Flavour Notes
     Chocolate & Caramel: 80%
     Nuts & Spices: 0%
     Fruit & Berries: 

Origin & Varieties


Barista info (Double shot)
     Dose (IN): 
19 grams
     Extraction Time: 
31 sec
     Shot Weight (OUT): 
43 grams

Brew Method Score
    Semi Automatic: 9
     Automatic Espresso: 8.5  
Aeropress: 8
French Press: 7
     Chemex: 7
     Pour Over (filter): 
     Mokapot: 8.5