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The fastest cyclist in the world - The Black Cyclone
In 1896, Marshall “Major” Taylor finished the Six Day Bicycle Race in Madison Square Garden after having completed a record of 2.800km on a 160m track velodrome. Finishing is not even the right word for this accomplishment as surviving was more correct. Half of the field dropped out because of crashes, exhaustion, or crazy hallucinations. 

Striking fact was that Marshall was only 18 and it was his first professional race. He was also the only African American in the otherwise all-white field on the track.

Bike racing was huge at the time of Taylor’s pro debut. Big stadium tracks and a national race circuit brought in big noisy crowds to see how long athletes could last or how fast they might go. The best riders were featured on cigarette packs and buttons or iconized in bike-ad posters.

Taylor’s debut launched an unexpected career. He became world sprint champion in 1899 and a true international superstar when he traveled to European capitals and later to Australia, winning everything and everywhere

Taylor did it all in the face of hostility where he feared for his life for being an African American rider. While today the sport of bike racing is still a predominant "white" sport we think that the story of Major Marshall Taylor shows us that riding a bike should be a dream career of every young person whatever the background or location. And heroic stories like Marshalls are the way to push the boundary.  

Taste Description
The Black Cyclone is a serious espresso roast with clear flavors of sweet chocolate, almonds mixed with caramel and some hints of toasted bread loafs. The aroma of the coffee is powerful and offers you a delicious full body. The coffee has a thick golden brown crema, a medium bitterness and gives a velvet mouth feel.


Flavour Notes
 Chocolate & Caramel: 60%
     Nuts & Spices: 40%
     Fruit & Berries: 0%

Origin & Varieties
     Brasil, Guatemala, Indonesia

Barista info (Double shot)
 Dose (IN): 17 grams
     Extraction Time: 32 sec
     Shot Weight (OUT): 40 grams

Best Brew Method
 Semi Automatic: 9
     Automatic Espresso: 9.5  
Aeropress: 7
French Press: 6.5
Chemex: 5
Pour Over (filter): 6.5
Mokapot: 9